Create A Custom Cursor

Create A Custom Cursor


Custom Cursor

How to create a Custom Cursor?

Basic HTML — CSS layout of the cursor We’re gonna start with writing the JSX(HTML) for cursor dot and cursor outline.

CSS Custom Cursor


Place your mouse pointer over me to reveal the custom cursor.

How to ADD Animation To a Cursor?

20 Apr 2022

Finally, the time has come to add the animation to our cursor (poor cursor sitting alone at the center of the screen).

Adding ref variables

We need to add some more refs to our Cursor component so that we can update the changes.

Hover Effect in Custom Cursor

We’re gonna add some images to show that smooth cursor hover transition.

Created this component which can be reused for displaying the images.

Now, we need to import this into our component and pass the images.

We also created the ref for these elements so that we can access the DOM elements later on.Next, we’re gonna add the CSS styling

Observe the image for coding.

cursor: none is added to the universal selector * because we want to hide the default cursor.

pointer-events: none so that this element doesn’t become a target of the pointer-events. MDN Pointer Events

position: absolute;
top: 50%;.
left: 50%;
transform: translate(-50%, -50%);

This code snippet is used to move both elements in the center.

opacity: 1; is used so that later on we can hide and show our cursor based on mouse enter and mouse leave event. That’s why transition is also used on the opacity property.

Transition on transform is used so that we can increase and reduce the size of the dot and outline based on some mouse events (will soon get to know which one).

It’ll look something like this.